Lampshading or How to Wear Oversized Sweaters with Boots

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Oversized sweaters have always been one of those “guilty pleasure” trends, since you can maximize your comfort while rocking a chic, or otherwise adorable, sweater. But there is a similar trend, which may not be quite as sophisticated, that has been flying a bit under the radar lately. Seen on the likes of the Kardashian sisters, “lampshading” seems to be the new hot trend among the hip social elite.

Lampshading Fashion Trend

Yes, the word might sound pretty funny, but the result can actually be a lot of fun. Lampshading involves wearing an oversized top over unperceivable shorts; so basically, it’s wearing large shirts as dresses, therefore giving the wearer a similar silhouette to that of a lampshade. Unless you’re worried about your legs getting cold, this trend doesn’t stray too much from the more commonly seen large sweaters paired with leggings. That is, if you’re not afraid to show a bit more skin in the process.

Many of the starlets who have dared to rock this trend have paired their oversized sweatshirts with tall boots, but it inexplicably doesn’t cheapen the look like you might think. Rather, it adds a juxtaposed layer of formality to the ultra-comfortable tops. So this whole concept isn’t as casual as it appears to be. There is quite a bit of thought that has to go into making something like this look so good; it’s not exactly easy for someone to just toss on a sweatshirt, forego the pants, and look totally edgy while they strut down the street.

Boot-clad stars like the Kardashians and Kate Moss have been seen traipsing around the streets with these looks, managing to maintain a level of power, while singer Zendaya dressed up her sweaters by donning high heels for her formal events. Other followers of this obscure trend go a different route that keeps everything as casual as the top, by pairing it with sneakers. So there are ways for lampshading to translate to all types of occasions.

Sweatshirts, sweaters, graphic tees, and other abstract tops have been seen in recent years on stars taking part in the intriguing lampshading trend, so there’s room for anyone’s distinct style. This isn’t a tabloid-grabbing trend, nor should it be, but it is definitely not something that should simply fly under the radar. A trend like this is all about individuality. If you find a to-die-for sweater that’s all sold out in your size, you might consider checking a few sizes up; if you’re willing to try out a more radical trend!

Lampshading Fashion Trend

The lampshading trend could also turn innovative, with the possibility of taking a chic sweater, and turning it into a still-chic sweater dress. Some looks seen around the fashion scene have fallen on the grungy side, with holes cut out. This could be something to consider as a possible DIY project, even. While many people opt to buy pre-torn clothes, there’s no harm in trying it out on some of your older sweaters that you’re looking to spice up.

Regardless of the way you want to portray yourself, or the type of clothes you like to wear, the lampshading trend might just surprise you. Even if you’re not brave enough to wear it out to run errands, I can assure you it is a very comfy trend to buy into – even if you’re just having some time by yourself in the comfort of your own home.

This may not be the most glamorous trend to come to the streets in recent times, but it’s one of the most versatile ones around. There’s nothing to lose from trying on that big sweatshirt, so for whatever purpose or style, try it out.

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Advice on best heights for your occasion

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For all you Fashionistas out there, I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “keep your standards high, and your heels higher.” But seriously, how tall can or should one’s heels be? And we all know it is almost impossible to always be teetering around in sky-high heels. Yet we still just love how poised our peers look in those strappy heels, colourful platforms and insanely uncomfortable stilettos.

When it comes to heels, it’s Christian Louboutin who does it best. In the walk-in wardrobes of countless celebrities and on the wish list of many, Christian Louboutin shoes and their sleek trademark red soles have made fashion headlines and graced many red carpet events.

Decoding the Louboutin
Do you know what the numbers in the name of shoes mean?
The numbers indicate the height of the heels in millimetres.
So take for example:
Christian Louboutin Bianca 140
Bianca refers to the designer’s style.
140 refers to the height of the heel, in this case, 140mm.

But as always, there is a time and place for everything – fashion and heels included.

Here’s my quick guide on appropriate heel heights for all occasions.


Casual Friday and Weekend Downtime
It’s the weekends and while it’s time to let your hair down and (in a literal sense) kick off those heels, you don’t have to compromise on style!

Opt for shoes with a little heel, you’d thank yourself for putting in the extra effort when your girlfriends call for an impromptu get together in the evening.
Whether your shoes be paired with jeans or a playful skirt, a little heel goes a very long way in looking put together even on the weekends.
If you’re a stylish mum who needs to run after your little toddler, then wedges are your answer!

Remember my post on lengths and heights to avoid at the workplace?
Studies have shown that wearing heels empowers a woman to feel more confident. Yes, we have all heard that! But do we know why?
Heels in appropriate heights can correct your posture. Not only will your legs look elongated, your arched heels will help straighten your back, pushing your shoulders a little backward (rather than slouching forward) for a more confident posture.

So if you’re preparing for an interview, ready for an important meeting in the boardroom or sealing the deal with clients; catch a quick glance in the mirror. Heels, back, shoulders – check!

A company dinner and dance, your cousin’s wedding or tickets to see the Black Swan – such ocassions call for a little more work in the glam department.
As you reach out for your glitter shadow, flowy dress and ostentatious jewellery reserved for such functions; don’t forget those heels! A little higher than for your daily grind, this is the best time to look even better than your best. We all want to stand out from the crowd, don’t we?
Poly 3
If you don’t wear the pair of heels as often, prior to putting it on, rub a little shoe wax (which you can easily find in drugstores) on areas in the shoe where your feet will feel the most pressure; then pop some bandaids into your purse because you’ll never know when they will come in handy!
Wearing a peep-toe pump? Don’t forget to wax the front opening of your shoe where your toes will be! I usually put a bandaid round the toes that will be in contact with my shoe for inconspicuous cushion and comfort.

While it’s always good to look and feel confident, choose your heels carefully to avoid feeling immense discomfort. Here are some tips that will help:
1) Pick the right size.
– Wiggle your toes and let your feet settle. Heels that are too tight can cause blisters!
– If your heels are too loose, they might just fall off. You wouldn’t want to be tripping over your own heels.

2) Find a height you are comfortable with.
– Check that you can walk normally, and are not struggling to balance. If you are unsure, walk around in the heels a bit longer before paying for it.

3) Check your posture
– Ensure that your back is straight and shoulders are parallel to the floor to ensure every step you take, is a stride with confidence.

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Weekend Update

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1. I am a very boring shoe purchaser. I love to look at fun crazy heels, but when it comes down to make the final decision, somehow I always end up with black or nude. Boring boring boring.


Because of that, I’ve been determined recently to branch out and try out some new colorful sandals…and what better time than sale season? I love the Aquazzuras above (and have been stalking their product page someone lazily for my size), but also on my list are these color blocked Brian Atwoods (now 50% off), as well as these printed leather and brocade blocked heeled sandals, 40% off from Dolce & Gabbana. You’ll probably notice that even my colorful picks aren’t “too” crazy – there were a bunch of Sophia Websters that I passed up – but still I think that it’s a good foray into color for a dull shoe person like myself.

2. I know quite a few of you are both luxury travel junkies and like a good deal, so I wanted to share the news that Luxury Link has declared bankruptcy, and shut down. You can read more about it in this Forbes article. Where do you all go for your luxury travel deals, by the way? 

3. I’ve followed Sumner Redstone’s career on and off over the years, but never really knew too much about the “actual man”. This profile of the 91 year old Redstone, via Vanity Fair, was a fascinating read into the career and personal life of one of the legendary media moguls of our time. A long read, but worth it in my opinion.

Hijacking The Runway

Hijacking the Runway

4. My reading this week – the fascinating Hijacking the Runway, written by the always excellent Teri Agins. I have always enjoyed Agins’ writing – I have her last book, The End of Fashion as well, and read anything with her byline on it in the WSJ. Hijacking gives a great overview into how celebrities have become not just larger and larger influences in the fashion industry, but also fashion designers themselves. I’d recommend both Hijacking and The End of Fashion for anyone interested in the business of style. Enjoy!

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Best Sneakers of Summer: Kick it Up a Notch

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Best Sneakers of Summer

Though I’ve talked a lot about sandals this season (for obvious reasons), sneakers are just as much a necessity for summer, whether you’re sporting them to the gym or just feel like a little extra comfort! And with the convergence of workout wear and street wear at its peak, these are even easier to style than you think…

Valentino Mixed Media Camouflage Sneakers:icon The high-fashion kick remains trending, and few do it as well as Valentino. Camo paired with color and texture-blocking (and a strip of Rockstuds) make for a shoe as exciting as any pump. 

Hogan Rebel Tweed Panel Sneakers:icon If you longed for the tweed sneakers wandering around the aisles of Chanel’s Fall ’14 supermarket, but couldn’t foot the bill, this tweed panel will give you your fix. 

Axel Arigato Ostrich Embossed Leather Low Sneaker: When this Swedish shoe label noticed that women were buying up all of the men’s smallest sizes, they expanded into women’s footwear! 

Adidas x Stella McCartney Diorite Adizero Sneakers:icon Once again, Stella’s collaboration with Adidas makes working out chic (even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time). 

Athletic Propulsion Labs TechLoom Pro Knit Sneakers:icon This is for those of you who prefer your sneakers to do some work. APL is one of the top brands for runners and other athletes.

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Victoria Beckham Wears Two Slightly Different Casadei Pumps in NYC

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Here’s Victoria Beckham, entering and then leaving an appearance on Good Morning Americawearing a high-backed variation of the Casadei Blade Pumps and a dress from her own Resort 2016 collection. If you look closely, you’ll notice one pump’s heel is black and the other is silver. These are actually two different versions of the same style. (They aren’t sold as a mismatched pair, as far as we can tell.) You can find the all-black suede version for $704

As Victoria Beckham fans and regular readers probably know, Victoria is basically married to two different styles of stilettos, and she owns both in quantity. The first is the Manolo BlahnikBB Pump, and the second is, of course, the higher-heeled Casadei Blade Pump. You can see her many, many Manolos in the aptly named The Many Manolos of Victoria Beckham.

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Zendaya Attends the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in Furry Little Sandals

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Here’s Zendaya Coleman, attending the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in NYC in an intricately embellished dress from Thakoon paired with Brother Vellies Dhara Fur Sandals, which are currently available for $781 at Moda Operandi for an extremely limited time. Moda Operandi’s Brother Vellies Trunk Show ends in just eight days.

Zendaya’s predilection for this new brand was completely warranted, because Brother Velliesreceived an illustrious CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award that very night. This especially buzz-worthy footwear brand was founded by designer Aurora James. Their shoes are all modeled on traditional African footwear and handcrafted by artisans in Kenya, South Africa and Morocco.

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